Hey all!

I have had several requests for copies of the SCS handbook. I will not be selling them, as I only intended them for fanart purposes, but what I can do is a small giveaway!

This is the test copy of the book, so there are some minor flaws. There’s a small coffee stain, the binding is a little off, and it’s just a softcover, but it’s made with a lot of love. I’d like it to find a good home with a Tegan and Sara fan willing to fill it out and post the results!

Giveaway Rules:

  • Reblogs will enter you into the contest. Reblog as much as you’d like, but no giveaway blogs. Feel free to like the post, but liking it will not enter you into the contest.
  • The contest ends Thursday, July 10th. I’ll announce the winner the following day. Keep your ask boxes open! If you don’t reply within a day, I’ll choose someone else.

Thanks & Good luck :)